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How To Write Email Messages for Your Follow Up Email Campaign


As we've established, email is a very effective - and very inexpensive - medium for a direct response follow up marketing campaign.

Provided we do it properly!


"How Do I Write Emails for an Autoresponder Series?"


When you write a series of messages for your autoresponder to send out, you have to strike a delicate balance. Remember, the people receiving your messages are people who have specifically asked to receive them (the autoresponder service I've recommended automatically includes an opt-out option at the end of every message - so people who don't want to hear from you again can cross themselves off the list. When people do opt out ..... and some will ..... their details are removed from the list in the system automatically, and you receive an email telling you to remove them from any backup you might have made).

So, when you write a message for your autoresponder, you're talking to people who want to hear from you. What you have to do is write something that they'll find

  • interesting
  • useful
  • helpful

You also want to put your offer in front of them again ..... but you don't want to be too pushy about it. You want to pre-sell rather than sell ..... and give them a link to a webpage where they can read more.

Also, don't feel you have to sell to them every time you send out a message. If you send out useful information, you'll boost your credibility and encourage people to have confidence in you. Then, when you do send out a sales message, your readers will be predisposed to trust you more.

There's a very useful ebook on writing autoresponder messages. It contains some of the most successful and persuasive autoresponder messages ever written ... contributed by Declan Dunn, Terry Dean, Ken Evoy, Jim Daniels, Jonathan Mizel, Yanik Silver and others (if you don't know who these people are, just look them up in Google). You can download the entire 519-page ebook as a PDF file for just $17.


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